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Zhejiang Dongyang Sanxing Industry Co.,Ltd.

    Company’s predecessor was established in 1978. In 2000, our company was re-created and established Zhejiang Dongyang Sanxing Shiye Co.,Ltd. During the period of development, our company has acquired many honors: Superstar Enterprise of Zhejiang province, Important Backbone Enterprise of Jinhua City. It has been rated as Civilization Unit of Dongyang City for seven consecutive years and rated as “Zhejiang the Agricultural Bank of AAA Grade Credit Enterprise” for five consecutive years. Company’s Party branch has been rated as City Excellent Party Organization for eight consecutive years.

     Since the establishment, company set about the adjustment of original industry structure and phased labor intensive project step by step. The main project started to turn to non woven fabrics industry with high investment, high output, and pollution free. Company imported foreign advanced full-set non woven fabrics production line and selected high quality ES conjugated yarn to manufacture scientifically and systematically high quality hot air-through bonded, calander bonded non woven fabrics. The products professionally service hygienic products industry. In 2009, company newly increased 3.2m SS double die head polypropylene fiber thin type spunbonded non woven production line to manufacture professionally lightweight water—repellenting and water loving non woven fabrics and ensure products overall and professional ability keeping leading level among same industry.

     Our company can provide high-bulk, high diffusion ADL stream guidance non woven fabrics, high strength high separation performance SS non woven fabrics, high white super soft surface layer non woven fabrics, multi-seepage multi-color and other series special non woven fabrics. The products can totally satisfy your demands of hygienic, medical using non woven fabrics.

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